How to do Inventory Management of your eBay store?

eBay has its own inventory system that makes it easier for sellers to control and manage items. It lets you post listings in either fixed pricing or auction. You can also switch from one market to the other in a few clicks.

Here is a quick guide to help you with your eBay store inventory;

  • Upload your items in either auction or fixed price listing. Your items will now be searchable. You can also categorize your listing by picking a format in My eBay-selling.
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  • Changing the format anytime is also possible under Store Inventory Actions.

Managing Item Specifics

  1. Go to selling view and tick the boxes next to the item you want to change, then click on edit.
  2. You should now be on Edit store inventory, make necessary changes then click continue. If you need to apply changes to 2 or more of your list, a bulk edit button is also available.
  3. In the review page, you will see all the modifications done. If satisfied, you can now click on submit listings to apply the changes.


  • Avoid adding unnecessary description or tagging.
  • Make the title concise and catchy
  • Check pre-filled item, make sure the details are correct.

Moving list to Auction

  1. From the selling view page click Send to Online Auction or Send to Fixed Price. Select the lists you want to move, then click send.
  2. On the Send to Online Auction/ Send to Fixed price screen, edit the form then click continue.
  • Bulk edit is also available to apply changes to 2 or more listing.
  • Note that making change to a single item and moving to bulk edit will nullify previous changes.
  1. Review the changes then click submit.
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Managing unsold items otherwise known as relisting gives sellers to re- post. Poor titles or overpricing are the most common reason for items to go unsold. Before relisting spend some time checking sold items. Compare the titles the price and item presentation.

To relist items:

  1. Go to My eBay> Activity> Sold or Activity> Unsold
  2. Click on Relist from the More Actions drop-down on the left of the listing.
  3. Make the necessary changes, review and save when satisfied.

Automated re- listing is also an option. If you are using Selling Manager, Selling Manager pro or Seller Hub, follow these steps:

  1. On the top of eBay page click on sell.
  2. Create your listing, set the price, shipping and description.
  3. On the Review listing page click on Automatically relist this item up to 2 more times if it does not sell.


  • Items can be relisted twice if it doesn’t sell.
  • Relisted items have the same duration as new posts.
  • Insertion fee and original listing fees apply to automated relist.
  • Relisted items may not be searchable on specific keywords for a few hours.

Hope this makes your online experience easier. Also, keep in mind item description introduces you to your buyers. The more questions your description answers the easier it would be to make a sale.

Drive traffic to your store, maximize blogs or create groups. Social media platform like Facebook are also a good place to endorse your store. If possible make your items unique and rare, this will boost your selling chance by 50%. Make more payment options available for your buyers, this allows a broader market. Lastly, provide more convenient shipping options. Keep in mind that your buyers resort to online stores for a specific reason, “Convenience”.

You are now all set for your online venture. All that’s left is to start posting your listings. Happy selling!