Importance of inventory management software for your Shopify store

If you think an online business would not entail as much work in inventory as bigger companies not ran on the internet, you better think twice. Contrary to popular belief, inventory management is just as popular in e-commerce as it is in traditional businesses. Both business platforms are in dire need of your organizational skills.

Now, there are platforms which can make inventory management not a very complex task than it already is. Shopify, for one, gained its popular following because of how easy it is to set up, navigate, and use. The said platform has a growing market, which is not at all surprising because of how easy it is to run as compared to its competitors. Learn more about POS

E-commerce enthusiasts also applaud Shopify for its high quality and useful extensions and add-ons, developed to improve shopping experience and make your e-commerce store even more appealing to your market. One great add-on you can consider to integrate in your store is its inventory management tool, thoughtfully named the Orderhive.

Why is there a need for inventory management?

  • As your business grows, your catalogue grows bigger and you have more items to sell and manage. It is never good to have your products out of stock when customers ask for it. Such scenarios are usually caused by improper inventory management.
  • You should always monitor your products and how long before they get sold. This will also let you know if your items add to your profit, or if they eat your profit.
  • Knowing how long it takes to get each product sold will also clue you in what has to be improved to make your business a success.

Benefits of using Orderhive

  • It is basically a complete set of multi-use tools needed to come up with an accurate inventory management data. You not only have all your files in one single location, you will also end up saving both time and money.
  • It not only does inventory management. It also does ship orders, payment processing, and even purchase orders. Data gets automatically stored, so you do not have to endure typing them all in a spreadsheet.
  • There is a central location for your entire existing inventory in Shopify and the other platforms you use. It works seamlessly for eBay and Amazon, too.

Orderhive is probably the best inventory management tool for Shopify, since it can also be used with other platforms. The best thing about it is that it is does the managing for you, so it is like having an assistant who’s so efficient you would not have to worry about your inventory anymore.

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